Susanna Fioratta is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Bryn Mawr College. She received her MPhil and PhD in Anthropology from Yale University, and her BA in Anthropology and Religious Studies from Macalester College. She writes and teaches about a variety of topics from a sociocultural perspective, from migration to politics to food and beyond.

In her research, she uses ethnography to explore how people experience personhood, gendered social expectations, belonging and exclusion, and insecurity in everyday life. She is interested not only in understanding the unique details of local cultural contexts, but also in how individuals perceive their relationships to national and global interconnections and inequalities.

Fioratta worked and conducted ethnographic fieldwork for many years in the West African Republic of Guinea, and for shorter periods in neighboring Senegal. Based on this research, she has published several journal articles and her first book, Global Nomads: An Ethnography of Migration, Islam, and Politics in West Africa (Oxford University Press, 2020).

More recently, a new research project on the politics of taste has taken her to coffee shops and craft breweries in Colombia and the United States.